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GICD Donations to Food Pantries


We can always use an extra hand or two with harvesting and getting produce delivered to local food pantries.  These donations help alleviate hunger for families that have lost jobs, for seniors and children, and for neighborhood residents that are struggling in these hard times.  

Most of the families that have garden plots come from needy neighborhoods, and see community gardening as a way for people to work together to help each other.  They grow food for themselves and for others.  They help train and educate families and children that come to participate and learn.  These community gardens are vital to building strong revitalized communities that can tackle issues like hunger and poverty together.   


Hope Community Garden                -- every Sunday at 3 pm 
1108 Cristler, Dallas 75223

Our Saviour Community Garden      -- every Tuesday at 9:30 am
1616 N Jim Miller Rd, Dallas 75217

Live Oak Communiy Garden              -- every Wednesday at 10:00 am
corner of Live Oak and N Fitzhugh


If you would like to help pick and transport produce to food pantries please contact GICD.


Also go to GICD's website and check our Calendar (http:\\ for other activities and events.

Thank you.   

Vegetables Donated to Food Pantries 

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!  Please contact GICD to volunteer for harvest times, or to schedule helping out on Saturdays.  Individuals, groups, and families are welcome.

Pounds Donated by Year

2003      1,546
2004      4,037
2005      8,035
2006      8,831
2007      7,093
2008      5,477
2009      6,351
2010      7,415
2011      7,754
2012      9,579
2013      9,233
2014      6,745
2015      3,121 (Jan-Jun)

Total donated by GICD gardeners (through 2014)= 82,096 lb 
Note:  GICD only records donations from three of our own projects.  With more than 20 new community gardens started in the past couple of years, predominantly at area churches, most of which have adopted donation policies, the total pounds of fresh vegetables donated to alleviate hunger is much greater than indicated in these numbers.  Community gardening is making a impact on food security and hunger in the Dallas area.   

What we grow and donate:    

 Mustard greens  Southern Giant Curled, Florida Broadleaf, Japanese Giant Red
 Collard greens  Georgia, Vates
 Amaranth greens   African Green
 Rape greens   Dwarf Essex
 Kale  Premier, Red Russian
 Turnip  7-Top, Purple Top
 Leaf Lettuce  Butter Crunch, Grand Rapids, Red Sails, Red Salad Bowl, Salad Bowl, Black Seeded
 Simpson, Oakleaf, Red Oakleaf
 Beets  Chioggia, Detroit Red
 Radish  Cherry Belle, Red Tipped Sparkler, Crimson Giant, Scarlet Globe, Icicle 
 Sweet Potato vine tips  
 Swiss Chard  Fordhood Giant, Rainbow
 Malabar Spinach  
 Spinach  Giant Noble
 Herbs  Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil, Thai Basil, Sage, Mint, Cilantro
 Onions  Bulb and bunching
 Squash  Zucchini, Yellow, Acorn, Butternut, Cucuzzi, Wax Gourd
 Okra  Z-Best, Clempson Spineless
 Beans  Yellow Wax, Asian Long Beans, Purple Pod Pole, Christmas Lima, various string beans
 Southern peas  California Blackeye, Purple Hull, Brown Crowder. Texas Cream, Knuckle Hull
 Sweet Potatoes  
 Hot Peppers  Chile de Arbol, Hungarian Wax, Kung Pao, Mucho Nacho, Serrano del Sol, Tobasco, 
 Thai Hot  
 Sweet Peppers  Holy Mole, Lamuyo Red, Pritavit, Spanish Spice, Sweet Banana, Jupiter
 Eggplant  Antigua, Fengyuan Purple, Florida High Bush, Listada de Gandia, Puntong Long, 
 Rosa Biana, Diamond, Rosita, Vittoria Round Mauve
 Tomatoes  Celebrity, Lemon Boy, Viva Italia, Costoluto Genovese, Cherokee Purple, 
 Purple Russian, Sweet Chelsea, Sun Gold 



Recipient pantries

GICD gardeners donate produce to pantries that do a great service to the community.  Use the contact information below to find out more about these organizations, and how you can help out, or receive assistance.  We encourage all gardeners to grow extra and to donate fresh produce to a food pantry nearby.   

Buckner Crisis Relief Center, 5405 Shoe Dr., Mesquite, TX 75149.  214-367-8093. 

Network of Community Ministries, 741 S. Sherman St., Richardson, TX 75081-4029

Pleasant Grove Food Pantry, 1331 Baywood St, Dallas 75217.  214-505-1928.

Vickery Meadow Neighborhood Alliance, 8448 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75231.  214-821-5775. 

To find a food pantry near you please contact:

North Texas Food Bank, 4500 S. Cockrell Hill Road
Dallas, Texas 75236 - 2028.  214-330-1396.


Delivering okra, greens and loofah squash to the Richardson Network pantry, summer 2003.




Community and backyard gardens can grow a lot of food, and make a significant impact on local food security.

We need help: Would you like to volunteer to help with picking and transporting produce to food pantries and food banks? Donation Project volunteers can email GICD.

Weighing a tub full of greens at the Southeast Dallas Emergency Food Center





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